End Of Suffering

by Forced Out

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released July 2, 2016

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Len Carmichael
Artwork by Dominic Pabon
Logo by Greenfield Mike



all rights reserved

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Track Name: Into The Noose
So many chances missed
And now I'm stuck with this life full of disappointment
Is this my punishment for all the pain I've caused and all the lies I've spoken?

Drag myself through the dirt
I try so hard but it's beyond my reach
I'll never realize the only one holding me down is me

I always pull myself out somehow but this hole has gotten far too deep
Into the noose
I've been hanging from my youth
Death is here to sweep me off my feet

Life is fading right before my eyes
Now it's time to leave this all behind
Drop the noose down around my neck
I long for my last breath

Last breath in this world that has been suffocating me
Everything that I had is slowly fading out of reach
I cannot free myself from this rope hanging me

I always pull myself out somehow but this hole has gotten far too deep
Into the noose
I've been hanging from my youth
Close my eyes and set me free

Set me free
Track Name: Forever One
Forever one
Always down for the cause
There for my friends
No matter when they call

Never leave you trapped
Up against a wall
Always have your back
We will never fall

Trust and loyalty until the end
I will fight to the death to defend

This is more than blood
An eternal bond
Forever one
Forever strong

Always the hammer, never the nail
This brotherhood holds true
We will never fail
Forever strong, we will stand as iron
Out for the lambs, we come in as lions

Fight for the ones who are there until the end
I'll always be there to lend a helping hand
Never turn my back, always take a stand
For my brothers
Fight to the death to defend

Forget the ones who left us
I'll always stand by those I love
Bury the ones I cannot trust
You just ran out of luck

Forever one
You just ran out of luck

Forever strong
We will stand as one
Track Name: Slaughter Of The Innocent
Sheep led to slaughter
Innocent minds laid to waste
Fresh blood is what they're after
Longing for just a taste

Spitting in the face of the innocent
Who know all but the truth
Kept away from the path to redemption
Drinking poison from the fountain of youth

Drop the hammer
End the suffering
We will not be claimed by the majority

Drop the hammer
End the suffering
We must bring down the common enemy

What they see is all they know
Everyone's a victim when they're blinded by the system

What they see is all they know
Blinded by the hands that lead them to their deathbed

Slaughter of
The innocent
No escape
Blood on your hands

Slaughter the innocent
Track Name: Snake
Slither your way through life
Leaving behind your slime
Trying to squeeze the life
Out of all that is mine

Spit your poison
Just to get by
Spineless animal
No remorse inside
Speak in tongues
All you do is lie
You bit off more than you could chew
Now its time to die

Now it's time to die

Deception is the only thing on your mind
I will rid the world of your kind

Lying through your teeth will only get you so far
Before it comes back to bite you in the end
When the time comes you're gonna feel it sting
That's when you'll know, you should never cross your friends

Betrayal is all you is know
You live your life through spite
Go out of your way to make sure that
You destroy everything in sight

Your time has come
Your time has come