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released September 25, 2014

Forced Out's tracks recorded & mixed with JJ at SoundDwellers
Wilful Damage's tracks recorded & mixed with Thomas Ireland
All tracks mastered by Len Carmichael



all rights reserved

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Track Name: Cold Reality
Life in this cold reality
Everything spinning around me
No escape from this tragedy
Everyone is my enemy

Faces have turned away
Never given the time of day
Everyone I know walks away

Always the one at fault
Never given credit for what I have done
I will die cold and all alone
Always wandering, I'll never find my home

Your warm embrace has faded away
This cold reality has left me a stray

Beaten down with a broken soul
I close my eyes and my heart turns cold

Life in this cold reality
Everything spinning around me
No escape from this tragedy
Everyone is my enemy
Track Name: In The Line Of Fire feat. Hayden of Wilful Damage
You gave it all just to watch it fall
Kept to yourself and now you have no one to call
Victim of your own decisions
You're to blame for the way that you're living

Remember what i told you?
And you said it was a lie
You looked into the eyes and they left you hypnotized

Weighed down by your past
Can't move on, you'll never last

I put my life on the line
For you to just throw me aside

Cast yourself into the fire
With no plan to escape
Turned your back on the ones who cared for you
That's when you sealed your fate

In the line of fire
You're gonna get burnt

Your mouth runs as fast as you did
You talk the talk but you ain't hard-boiled kid
Turned your back on your crew, they saw through your hard front
Spit in this mic, in your eyes
Now what's up cunt?
Track Name: Tables Have Turned
Why is it so easy to destroy the weak?
Why is it so easy to turn the other cheek?
I will not become your victim
I will no longer feed into your system

Try to drag me down but I'm far from discouraged
You will never take away my ambition

Why is it so easy to destroy the weak?
Why is it so easy to turn the other cheek?
I will not become your victim
You're just another face to spit in

You're like a stone on my back
Weighing me down to the ground
And I'm so sick
Of carrying you around

You won't just slip through the cracks
Or lead me off track
You've pushed me and now I'm gonna snap back
And you'll be under attack

Now you're gonna learn
How the tables have turned
Track Name: A Dead Dog Can't Bark feat. Charlie of Forced Out
I'd do a brick for this, I'd do twenty-five
Justice is served the moment you're not alive
What I do will never fucking haunt me
Take everything you have and walk away guilt free

Your kind and society will never co-exist
Payback for your victims
No forgiveness, no mercy
Never left a talking witness
It's not the first time I've fucking done this

In a hospital bed you lay
Write statements, try and put me away
You fucking owe me snitch, until your dying day
Court orders won't silence what I've got to say
Track Name: Pushing On
Every step I've made has been my own
So many opportunities I've blown
You couldn't be here to show me the way
I stand tall of who I am today

Two feet forward I will push on
But I'm losing sight with every passing day

But this journeys not over yet
When the days feel like weeks and I'm losing my grip on the world
I will never bow my head in shame
I will never bow my head

Sometimes this emptiness feels like it will never cease
My frustration takes over, I lose all control
Track Name: Hype Driven
Spend all day promoting on the internet
Suck up overseas, they think you're legit
We fucking made you, never forget you used us
You have nothing, live with your regret

Nothing hidden, Malice is kidding
Worship the laughing stock of Brisbane
We tracked your shit, by you nothing was written
Now everything you do is hype driven

Three song sets, ten thousand hits on YouTube
I'll never understand the whack shit you do
Seems like the bullshit no one can see through
Can't fucking stand the sight of you

Nothing hidden
Malice is kidding
Everything you do
Is hype driven