Nowhere To Hide

by Forced Out

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released March 1, 2014

Recorded with JJ at SoundDwellers



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Track Name: Shattered feat. Peachey Six Ft. Ditch
I'll keep slamming my head against the wall
until they all can see
All the pain that you've caused
All the blood that I've spilt
and all the wrong you've done to me

I'm not gonna sit back
and watch you spread like a disease
I'm gonna call you out for the scum that you are
and make you bow down on your knees

Take my revenge, on fucking you
You always fucked me over, never had a clue
Time after time, you treated me this way
I'm gonna this end this now, all that's left for you is to pray

Spit your game and spread your lies, but in the end I know the truth
You have never been there and you never will be, all you care about is you

Pray for your life, pray for your death
It's happened too many times, it's time to put you to rest
Once too many, you treated me this way
I'll put an end to this, your memory I'll fucking slay
Track Name: Bed Of Nails
Wake me up from this nightmare that I face everyday
All I see if suffering, there's got to be a better way

Slave to this world that I never asked to be acquainted with
Take me away from this pain, I never wanted to exist
I toss and turn on this bed of nails
There is no comfort living in this hell

I try my best to persevere
But this world shoots me down
There's nothing left here for me
Put me back into the ground

Lay on this bed of nails
There is no comfort living in this hell
Lay on this bed of nails
This is the end, there is no second chance

Lay on this bed of nails
There is no comfort living in this hell
Lay on this bed of nails
This is the end, there is no second chance
Track Name: Nowhere To Hide
You hide away
and you think you're safe
I'm waiting for the day
when everything caves

One wrong move and it's all at your throat
You're backed into a corner and there's nowhere to go

Exhausted all your options
Hurt all who came to your aid
You've made this life for yourself
And you must live with the choices you've made

Run your mouth while you're hiding away
You know you're all worn out and you've abused your stay
Time and time again, you've been kicked to the curb
But now you're all alone, It's you against the world
Track Name: Endure
Can't take much more of this pressure
The world's coming down on my shoulders
Draining the life from me
And taking away everything that is in front me

All that I've worked for
All that I've earned
Has been taken away
When am I gonna learn?

This weight's dragging me down
I must free myself from this hell

Nothing will stand in my way
Venom flowing through my veins

It's building up inside
This rage I cannot hide
I won't let myself fall apart
I must find the will to survive

The world is crushing me
I am down on my knees
Will I crumble underneath?
Or find a way back to my feet?

It's coming down on you
All the power I've held inside is showing through
What are you gonna do?
When the weight that you put on me makes its way back to you?

What are you gonna do?
When the weight comes down on you?